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Thirty Years of Service

The El Paso County 9-1-1 District has served our Community for over thirty years.

In 1985, Texas’ “Emergency Communication District Act”, allowed counties to create a special purpose district to establish and maintain a 9-1-1 telephone system for their community. 

On August 25, 1987, the voters of El Paso County overwhelmingly approved the creation of the “El Paso County 911 District.”


Subsequent to the vote, the appointed Board of Managers hired staff and began the process of designing and implementing El Paso’s 9-1-1 system, which was brought online September 25th, 1989 at 4:00 a.m. with a phone system and a computer aided dispatch system. 

El Paso County 911 District’s First Board of Managers
Judson Williams, County of El Paso
Julian Bernat, City of El Paso
Jim Raley, City of Socorro
Gay Wood, Other Cities and Towns
Layne Lee, Southwestern Bell Telephone


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