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The mission of the El Paso County 911 District is to make a difference by providing outstanding, professional services that facilitate the vital connection between our community and emergency services.


The El Paso County 9-1-1 District will be a leader and innovator bringing the latest, and most efficient, technology to our 9-1-1 community. We will be a model 9-1-1 center respected by others across the country. We will be a high performing organization powered by motivated professionals that work harmoniously and collaboratively to support our mission.


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Board of Managers



District Governance

The District operates under the Texas Health and Safety Code, Chapter 772. We are governed by a Board of Managers which consists of one member from the County of El Paso, two from our largest city (the City of El Paso), and one from our second largest city (the City of Socorro).   An at-large member is appointed by the Board to represent all other municipalities.  Our 9-1-1 service provider also appoints a non-voting member to the Board.  The Board sets the direction and the priorities for the District.

District Funding

District funding is from 9-1-1 fees, both local wireline and wireless phones.  The District’s Board of Managers sets the fee for local wireline phones each year as a part of the budget process.  Our monthly fees remain at $1.38 per residential line, $4.46 per business line, and $4.46 per business trunk.  

Wireless fees are set by the State. They are $.50 per phone line or 2% of any sale of pre-paid equipment or service. The fees collected are collected by the State Comptroller, which then makes distribution to the State’s 9-1-1 entities based on their percentage of the State’s population. The District has no other source of funding. 

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